1. What do I require / need for a virtual consultation?
    A computer, tablet or smart phone with a camera, microphone and internet connection.   For iOS devices (Iphone / Ipad) the Apple Safari web browser is recommended. For Android, Windows and MacOS devices we recommend Google Chrome web browser to join the consultation

  2. How long does a consultation last?
    Depending on the healthcare issue, a virtual consultation typically lasts between 10 and 15 minutes.

  3. What are the operating hours for virtual consultations?
    All Intercare facilities, pending availability, offer virtual consultations during the practices standard operating hours, which can be found on the Intercare website. Available time slots can be searched for by using the online booking feature on the Intercare website.

  4. How do virtual consultations differ from in-practice doctor consultations?
    Virtual consultations have limitations and do not replace in-practice consultations and examinations but offer an alternative for minor illnesses, or if the patient is unsure if an in-practice consultation is required.  Patients may be requested to follow-up with a physical in-practice consultation, based on the clinical discretion of the attending doctor following a virtual consultation. Patient safety is a priority and may warrant the attending doctor to collect more clinical data through a physical examination in order to formulate a valid diagnoses and appropriate treatment plan for the patient’s current presenting problem.

  5. Which problems are likely not appropriate for a virtual visit?
    • Serious injury or wounds
    • Blood in stool or urine
    • Coughing up blood
    • Breast lumps
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Severe abdominal pain
    • Redness or pain in the eye following recent eye surgery or injury
    • Abnormal menstrual bleeding or other menstrual abnormalities
    • Chest pain
    • Confusion
    • Seizures (especially new onset)

  6. Can I get a repeat script through a virtual consultation?
    Repeat scripts for many medications can be provided via virtual consultation, provided that the medication was previously scripted by an Intercare doctor.  Regular physical examinations to assess for complications of chronic medical conditions are important.

  7. Do you accept medical schemes as payment for virtual consultations?
    A claim will be submitted to the majority of medical schemes for the virtual consultation. Coverage cannot be guaranteed, and the patient would remain responsible for the account.

  8. Are the rates for virtual consultations the same as for in-practice consultations?
    Rates for virtual consultations are lower than rates for in-practice visits.  The actual rate is determined by the benefits of your medical scheme and if a script is required.  More information on rates can be obtained from your Intercare practice.

  9. Can virtual consultations be done for injuries?
    A virtual consultation may be possible for an initial evaluation of minor injuries to determine the extent of the injury and appropriate treatment. The doctor will then decide if it can be self-managed, requires a trip to the GP or should be treated in hospital. Treatment for serious injuries and wounds should be immediately sought in person and not delayed by first scheduling a virtual consultation.

  10. Are there any benefits of virtual consultations over regular practice visits?
    Virtual consultations are helpful for patients who have minor health concerns or need repeat scripts but have challenges in physically accessing a practice.

    In the context of COVID-19, it allows both doctors and patients to interact more safely with each other and for patients with possible COVID-19, allows them rapid access to testing referrals and reduce the risk to the public, staff and doctors when travelling to and attending a facility.

    As virtual consultations are typically shorter and require no travel, it is an efficient way of accessing the care you need when you need it.

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