Day Hospitals

Accelerating the Healing Process

Also referred to as Outpatient Surgery Centres, Intercare day hospitals carry out procedures that do not require an overnight hospital stay. Intercare day hospitals' surgical services prioritise patient safety and comfort, utilising procedure-related techniques and technology. This approach accelerates the healing process by getting patients home and back into comfortable surroundings, as quickly as possible.

The Future of Modern-Day Hospitals

A day hospital satisfies the patient’s need for a convenient, efficient and lean-cost facility, without compromising on quality clinical care. It remains a safe option as doctors are still involved in thorough pre-operative assessments to eliminate risks and complications for the patients during and after medical procedures.

Our Facilities have:

• Three modern operating theatres
• 20 - 24 Beds
• Procedure-related equipment and technology
• Child-friendly wards and facilities
• Pathology services