From the outset, we recognised that accessibility and convenience were important for patients and was something that we needed to place at the centre of our care delivery model. We achieved this in a number of ways. Our facilities are conveniently located and we have implemented extended operating times, including being open on weekends and public holidays. We also wanted to reduce the physical fragmentation in the location of medical services and brought a multitude of primary care services under one roof in a multi-disciplinary medical home. In our centres, patients can access general practitioners, dentists, radiology, pathology, physiotherapists, psychologists, dieticians, optometrists, audiologists and pharmacies.

Our primary care centres place a significant emphasis on preventative services through, for example, the promotion of appropriate vaccination programmes and the provision of lifestyle advice. They also focus a huge amount of their attention on screening and early detection, including cervical, breast and prostate cancer, HIV and diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidaemia.

Our medical services include:
• General Practitioners
• Pathology
• X-Rays
• Travel Clinic
• Dietician
• Physiotherapy
• Psychology

Please contact your nearest Intercare Medical Centre for an appointment.