Diabetes - The silent pandemic

November is Diabetes awareness month. In a series of four podcasts, a family physician at Intercare, Dr Anil Ramjee, will look at the Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Best treatment scenarios for diabetic patients.

09 NOV 2020

Ep.1: The Good - New treatments for diabetes

In the first podcast of the series, Dr Ramjee will look at the prevalence of diabetes, new evidence-based guidelines, and ways to diagnose diabetes. He will also talk about treatment options.

16 NOV 2020

Ep.2: The Bad - South Africa’s ‘lekker‘ lifestyle leads to high incidence of Type 2 diabetes

In the second of the Intercare podcasts, we look at the effects of being overweight, not exercising, smoking and stress have on the chances of developing diabetes. Dr Ramjee will also delve into treatment adherence for those that have diabetes.

23 NOV SEP 2020

Ep.3: The Ugly - The dangers of untreated or uncontrolled diabetes

In the third of the Intercare podcasts on diabetes, we delve into the effects of untreated diabetes. Not only can it harm eyes, feet, and nerves, it can also affect a patient’s heart and kidneys.

30 NOV 2020

Ep.4: The Best - Manage diabetes with a coach in your corner

In the last of our diabetes series, Dr Ramjee looks at ways to manage diabetes and how your doctor can be a ‘coach in your corner’ and someone on your side. It includes early diagnosis and interventions.

Dr. Anil Ramjee

(BSc MBBCh DFM FCFP PgDip Diabetes)

Dr Ramjee finished a Bachelor of Science and medical degree at Wits University in 1993. After graduating he worked at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Johannesburg for 2 years before pursuing a career in Family Medicine. He relocated to Cape Town and has been in private practice since 1998. He also held a part-time lecturer post at the University of Cape Town Family Medicine Division for many years.

In 2005 he obtained a Family Medicine Diploma cum laude from Stellenbosch University. In 2018 he obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Diabetes with distinction from the University of South Wales, Cardiff. Dr Ramjee is also a Fellow of the College of Family Physicians (South Africa).

In 2016 he joined the Intercare group practice in Cape Town where he works as a Family Physician. Dr Ramjee also serves on the Intercare Clinical Advisory Committee.