1. When my relative is discharged, will the doctor give a script for medication?
    If the doctor is of the opinion that the patient requires medication to take home, a script will be provided for medication, which should be obtained from a pharmacy.

  2. Will I receive any training on how to look after my relative when discharged?
    Care-training is provided to the family or caregivers of patients.

  3. Is it possible to receive any updates on the progress of my relative?
    Updates are given via telephone or email by the doctor, unit manager shift leaders and the multi-disciplinary rehabilitation team.

  4. Will Intercare be able to manage patients requiring the following care?
    • Patients on oxygen – Yes
    • Patients on haemodialysis – Yes
    • Patients with tracheostomies – Yes
    • Intravenous antibiotics – Yes
    • Blood transfusion – Yes
    • Complex wound care – Yes

  5. Do you have DSTV and Wi-Fi access?
    Limited DSTV channels are available. Free Wi-Fi access is available.

  6. Can patients be admitted from home?
    Patients are not usually admitted directly from home. Each admission must be assessed and referred by the patient’s referring specialist.