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With our pioneering digital technology, we offer scalable, efficient, and cost-effective healthcare services designed to minimise absenteeism, enhance mental well-being, and navigate healthcare effectively.

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Intercare Business

Introducing Our Online Health Services

With over two decades of experience Intercare offers a comprehensive online healthcare solution that integrates seamlessly with its physical network spanning primary care facilities, nurse-based clinics, hospitals, and skilled healthcare professionals.

Services we Offer

AI-Based Medical Guidance

Intercare Business AI-Based
  • Our AI-powered symptom checker conducts an initial medical interview, analyses symptoms, and estimates the likelihood of specific diseases.
  • It guides individuals on the most appropriate level of care for their health concerns (Emergency to online nurse).

medical Care

Intercare Business Day-to-day
  • Scheduled and on-demand virtual nurse and GP consultations.
  • Successfully resolve many day-to-day primary health complaints.
  • Text and/or video consultations with nurses and doctors.
  • Provide electronic medical certificates, referral letters, scripts, and investigation requests (e.g., blood tests)

Mental Health

Intercare Business Mental-Health
  • Text and/or video consultations with Registered Counsellors and Psychologists.
  • Subscription-based products (MindMentor) with:
  • Crisis support by mental health professionals.
  • Educational and self-care toolkits.
  • 24/7 web and whatsapp AI-based chatbot (Jess).

Key Benefits for Businesses


Accessible and efficient healthcare services can help customers address health concerns promptly, reducing absenteeism and improving overall productivity.

Improved Mental

The inclusion of mental health services supports employees in managing stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues, leading to a healthier and more engaged workforce.

Effective Healthcare Navigation

The AI-based medical guidance platform helps customers navigate the healthcare system more effectively, ensuring they receive the appropriate level of care for their needs.


Convenient access to services ensure that customers can access healthcare professionals quickly and conveniently, without disrupting their work schedules.

Comprehensive Healthcare

A wide range of healthcare needs are covered, from day-to-day medical care to mental health support, providing customers with comprehensive healthcare solutions in one platform.

Value Proposition Enhancement

Attract and retain top talent by incorporating these services into a company's value proposition to demonstrate a commitment to employee well-being.

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Flexibility for clients

Multiple access points

  • Third-party platforms (websites and apps).
  • Bespoke entry points provided by Intercare.
  • Intercare‚Äôs online health portal (HealthBeat).

Modular and interoperable services

Create a tailored solution combining services while retaining a seamless digital journey.

Catering for several payment options

  • Medical scheme claims.
  • Third-party payment gateways.
  • Vouchers.
Intercare Business

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At Intercare Online Health Services, we're redefining how businesses approach healthcare. Our mission is simple: to provide accessible, integrated, affordable, and comprehensive healthcare solutions that seamlessly blend with your company's value proposition.

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