1. How long before my procedure should I stop eating and drinking?
    Most specialists prefer that you stop eating and drinking at 10 pm on the evening before your procedure, if you are having general anaesthetic or sedation.

  2. How long before my admission should I do a COVID-19 PCR test?
    No longer than 48 hours prior to the procedure, but if the procedure is rescheduled for any reason for a date later than 2 days of the original procedure a new test must be done.

  3. How long before the procedure should I report for admission?
    The doctor’s rooms will inform you of your admission time when you book the procedure and you will also receive a sms reminder from the hospital the day before your scheduled procedure. However, please note that your admission time is not an indication of the time when you will go to theatre.

  4. Which documents do I have to bring with to the hospital?
    Please bring your completed admission form, medical scheme membership card, ID or driver’s licence and authorization for the procedure, which you’ve obtained from the medical scheme, with you. Please ensure that you will be able to pay any applicable co-payments on or before admission.

  5. Is there a place at the hospital for safekeeping of my personal belongings and valuables?
    You will have a locker with a key next to your bed, but rather do not bring any unnecessary personal belongings with you to the hospital. We prefer that you leave all valuable items at home.

  6. How long do I have to stay at the hospital after the procedure?
    It will depend on the length of your procedure and the recovery time after anaesthesia.

  7. Am I allowed to drive myself after the procedure?
    You are not allowed to drive for 24 hours after having general anaesthesia or conscious sedation.

  8. Can I accompany my child into theatre?
    Children under 12 years may be accompanied by one parent or guardian until he/she is asleep but will not be allowed into theatre.

  9. What would be the process to obtain a private estimate?
    The best way to request a quotation is via you consulting specialist.

  10. Can I get my medication to take home after the procedure at the hospital?
    No, we don’t have an in-house pharmacy. Medication will have to be collected from a private pharmacy with the script provided at the hospital. This medication is NOT included in your hospital account and will have to be paid for in accordance with your medical scheme rules.