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In-practice Dental Terms of Service

Dear Patient,

Intercare strives to put our patients first in all we do. We want to assure you that we have implemented several measures to ensure the safety of our patients, staff and dentists. These measures are all aimed at lowering the risk of infection for all.

Your dental health is directly linked to your total bodily health and neglecting dental care may cause serious illness including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and severe dental problems. Take good care of yourself and your family’s dental care needs.  Our dentists are geared to safely care for you and welcome you for check-ups, fillings, general dental care, oral hygiene and treatment of gum disease.

For your additional protection, a nominal fee may apply should special Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) be required for specific consultations. Kindly note that currently, most medical schemes do not cover this fee and patients will be liable for payment.

We appreciate your understanding and valued support as we all do our part to stay safe.

Virtual Dental Terms of Service

Dear Patient

Intercare strives to put our patients first in all we do and now offers free virtual dental consultations as a value-added service. These consultations are offered on group level by a team of Intercare dentists and is not linked to any specific Intercare dental centre.

Virtual dental consultations offer patients the opportunity to discuss dental concerns or symptoms with an experienced dentist before making an in-practice booking, and to get a cost estimate for treatment options. Should treatment be required, patients may be referred to an Intercare dental centre close to them.

It is recommended to do a free online dental screening before the virtual consultation. An Artificial Intelligence driven report will be created which allows the dentist to evaluate the condition of your teeth and oral health. This will contribute to the success of the virtual consultation.

- Patient safety is a priority and the doctor may request more clinical data through a physical examination.

Start screening

Kindly note:

-Virtual dental consultations do not replace in-practice dental check-ups.
-Patient understands and consents to continue with the virtual consultation.

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