Intercare Hazeldean

Hazeldean Office Park
Silver Lakes Road
Silver Lakes
Lat: -25.783824 | Long: 28.361241
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Business Hours

Flexible visiting hours 11:00 - 20:00 daily
Only two visitors per patient at a time.

Hospital Manager


Intercare Hazeldean Day Hospital, in collaboration with AllAboutEyes, is offering an affordable self-pay cataract surgery package. Patients who do not have medical aid or limited benefits on their selected option can now fast-track cataract removal and improve their eyesight.
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Services at this facility


Neuro Rehabilitation:

• Stroke & Trauma
• Brain injury

Orthopedic Rehabilitation:

• Joint Replacement
• Post amputation Rehabilitation

Post MVA Rehabilitation

Cardio & Respiratory care

Recuperative & palliative care:

• Restorative care
• Pain Management care
• End of life / Terminal Care

Specialized care:

• Specialized wound care
• Renal dialysis